Winning Trey's Heart: Playboy & the Bookworm (Unlikely Catches Book 3)

Winning Trey's Heart: Playboy & the Bookworm (Unlikely Catches Book 3)
: Leah Busboom
: 198
: Fiction : Romance
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Abigail Bradford is a bookworm whose IQ is off the charts. She's the sister of my friend and colleague, so obviously, I've put her firmly in the friend-zone.

We both volunteer at an animal rescue organization, but I'm fighting the unexpected attraction I feel towards her. She's not my usual type. Maybe I no longer know what my type is. Opposites attract, right?

Being the star catcher for the New York Generals is a dream come true, until it’s not. I thought I had put my playboy days behind me, but an unfortunate hookup from my past comes back to threaten my budding relationship with Abby. The incident turns into a “he said – she said” situation and the media can't let go of the story - they're like a dog with a bone. This emotional crisis is breaking us apart. How do I win Abby back?

Winning Trey's Heart is the final book, Book 3, in the Unlikely Catches series but can be read as a standalone novel. The Unlikely Catches series features stories with the perfect blend of humor, real-life ups and downs, romance and a happily ever after.

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