Secret Legacy: A Supernatural Academy Series (The Windhaven Witches Book 1)

Secret Legacy: A Supernatural Academy Series (The Windhaven Witches Book 1)
: Carissa Andrews
: Author Revolution LLC
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: Fiction : General
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Nestled in the woods of Windhaven, Blackwood Manor waits to unleash its legacy…

When Autumn Blackwood shows up at Windhaven Academy for the Witching Stick Orientation, she hopes to find out why she was accepted to the elite supernatural school. Maybe she’ll even find out what dormant powers she has. Instead, the school is in chaos as everyone frantically hunts for two missing girls.

As school begins, she’s no closer to figuring out her powers, but strange occurrences seem to follow her everywhere. Even at home, Blackwood Manor keeps many secrets, and Autumn can’t seem to escape its haunting past.

New friends urge her to learn more about her family’s history in order to unlock her powers and make sense of what’s happening at Blackwood Manor. But Autumn’s not so sure. When an accident brings Autumn face-to-face with death, she realizes her gifts are tied to a legacy far greater than she ever imagined.

Fans of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, Joe Hill’s Locke & Key, or MR Forbes’ Necromancer: The Complete Series will love The Windhaven Witches. 

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Books in the Windhaven Witches Series:

  1. Secret Legacy (coming Sept 15th, 2020)
  2. Soul Legacy (coming October 6th, 2020)
  3. Haunted Legacy (coming November 3rd, 2020)
  4. Cursed Legacy (coming December 1st, 2020)

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