Stinky Thoughts and Her Lost Soul

Stinky Thoughts and Her Lost Soul
: Crystal Mary Lindsey
: Southern Voyager
: 225
: Fiction : Romance
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It is 1925 and Gracie McLaren confidently walks from Kentucky to Nashville, bent on the MAGIC of becoming a country music star.

Desperate to leave the drudgery of farm life behind, she escapes the day after her eighteenth birthday leaving in pre-dawn darkness to walk the many dusty road miles.
Pastor Ethan Tindale is a handsome single man new to her town and with a secretive life. He reads into the wild thoughts racing through the beautiful young Gracie’s mind. Can he wisely guide her to attain her dream without the many evil temptations that he knows to lie in-wait?
God also has a plan for this young woman and sends three angel messengers on different occasions to instil a vision of discernment and wisdom into her heart. Then he transports her to Heaven to enthrall her with His opulent Glory.
Discover how Gracie's journey into spiritual awakening leads her on an exciting journey of self-discovery and also to an unimaginable eternal love for her Saviour and others.

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