The General Theory Of Haunting: (The Snow Trilogy)

The General Theory Of Haunting: (The Snow Trilogy)
: Richard Easter
: The Vivid Press
: 0
: Fiction : Mystery
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"The surprises and shivers come thick and fast… a real page-turner. I cannot recommend it highly enough." - Brian Allan, Editor, Phenomena Magazine.


Every haunting has a design…
Winter, 1809. Lord Francis Marryman’s wife Patience, dies.
In the madness of his grief, he builds her a memorial in the form of a remote country Hall.
But there is so much more to it. Francis, a brilliant mathematician, and scholar has put more into the walls than just bricks and mortar.
Autumn, 2019. Siblings Greg and Lucy Knights, owners of K&K Publishing Company, are looking for a venue to celebrate their company's 18th anniversary.
There is only one option that still has vacancies: Marryman Hall. Winter arrives and amid heavy snowfall, the guests drop out until just 6 reach their destination and soon find themselves snowed in.
As the guests’ private lives and demons are exposed in the claustrophobic atmosphere, the secrets of Marryman Hall and her history are also brought into the light.

In his grief, it’s possible that Lord Francis Marryman may have made a terrible mistake…

"The General Theory of Haunting" is the perfect ghost story to curl up with on the long winter nights - like Marryman Hall's guests, you won't spot the twists or know what's truly happening until it's way too late...
"This book is surprising, moving and terrifying." - Harry Hill.

Richard Easter has worked as a professional writer since 1987, writing for radio, TV, print, and music. Over the last 3 decades, he has written for many of Britain's best-known TV programmes and presenters.
The General Theory Of Haunting is one third of his first trio of books, "The Snow Trilogy."

"The Gentle Art Of Forgetting", the next in the trilogy, will soon be available for pre-order & released on December 22nd.

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