Can You Find My Shoe?: A Zoo Adventure for Ages 3-7

Can You Find My Shoe?: A Zoo Adventure for Ages 3-7
: Patty Lennox
: Jumping Juniper Press
: 32
: Kids : General
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A shoe is lost at the zoo, and hilarity ensues!

Why are children so drawn to this adventurous rhyming story? Because they love to be in on the joke!

One day in the summer I went to the zoo,

And somehow or other I lost my right shoe!

A fun adventure, engaging rhythm and rhyme, and an unlikely culprit keep children giggling all the way to the end of the story, where a delightful discovery is made.

If you’re planning to have a fun day at the zoo,

You might want to bring along one extra

It's time for your child to join in the fun! Get it NOW and get the ebook FREE!

What started as a fourth-grade project has become a delightfully engaging book for children!

Patty Lennox loves the idea of children around the world enjoying the story she carried inside for so long. After committing the story to memory as a child, life went on. Years were filled with work, children, and sushi; memories were made from adventuring, hobbies, and sailing.

An animal lover from way back, Patty has never lost a shoe in the zoo! Have you?

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