Layla's Score

Layla's Score
: Andy Rausch
: Terminal Velocity Books - A Next Chapter Imprint
: 0
: Fiction : Mystery
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Lefty is a black hitman working for the Chicago mob. Tasked with eliminating a mark, he kills the man and his wife, only to learn they have an infant daughter. Realizing the child is now alone in the world, Lefty takes her in and decides to raise her as his own.

Years later, Lefty embarks on a trip across the country to pick up a freelance contract: a once-in-a-lifetime hit with a two million dollar paycheck. Together with two-ex-colleagues and his daughter,  they head to Detroit to take on a sadistic mob boss's son.

When the stakes get high, can Lefty figure out who to trust - and keep his daughter safe?

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