The Door To Forever

The Door To Forever
: Doug Simpson
: Magnum Opus - A Next Chapter Imprint
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: Non Fiction : General
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During his senior years, John - a retired high school English teacher - decided to finally write his memoirs. 

His story begins at a young age, with his first visit from a spirit playmate his own age. To John, Jason is just an ordinary child like him, and John never gave much thought to where Jason came from - or where he disappeared. 

As years passed by, more playmates followed, and as John got older, his playmates shared more and more information about the spirit world with him.

In The Door To Forever, John recounts the various encounters he, his family, and close friends experienced with spirits, spirit guides, earthbound spirits, haunted houses, and visits to Heaven, as well as soul groups and the purpose of their souls reincarnating together over many lifetimes to collectively advance their soul development in order to reacquire their original, perfect state when God created them.

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