The Prodigal Son (Rob MacLaine Book 1)

The Prodigal Son (Rob MacLaine Book 1)
: Les Haswell
: Terminal Velocity Books - A Next Chapter Imprint
: 264
: Fiction : Mystery
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A phonecall in the middle of the night changes Rob MacLaine's future.

The seasoned, battle-hardened ex-Special Forces operative is summoned back to his family home on Achravie, west coast of Scotland. He has had no contact with his past after his father sent him away at the age of sixteen.

But now, Rob is back on Achravie - back to face his past and encounter friends and enemies alike. What he doesn't expect is an explosive reunion with his older brother, and the dark secrets that shroud his childhood home.

Together with his girlfriend Justine, can they unravel the mystery of Hillcrest Estate?

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