A Murder in Hope's Crossing: Witch's Kitchen Book 1

A Murder in Hope's Crossing: Witch's Kitchen Book 1
: Brooke Shelby
: 0
: Fiction : Mystery
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Can a novice witch match the sinister forces gathering in a small town?

Following the implosion of her marriage and professional life, Maggie Corey needs to start over. Relocating to the idyllic New England town of Hope’s Crossing, where her family has settled since its founding, should be a welcome refresh. Aunt Clara is eager to retire and hand Maggie the keys to her store. And her new home might even help Maggie awaken her family’s rumored witchy powers.

Maggie’s plans have all the makings of a spell for success—until the sorcery turns sour.

Not long after the move, Aunt Clara is murdered in retaliation for an act of charity. Since Maggie inherits Clara’s small fortune, shop, and home, all eyes turn to her. With no witnesses and no suspects with an obvious motive, Maggie is framed as the perfect killer. Proving her own innocence is an uphill battle, especially when other descendants of Salem Witch Trial survivors like her are under constant threat and persecution in the pious town. To clear her name, Maggie will have to draw on the kindness of a few quirky residents, her aunt’s crafty cat, and her own blossoming supernatural powers.

With a deadly criminal on the loose, the newest witch in town might be the best chance Hope’s Crossing has to defeat murder with magic…

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