Parenting Modern Kids: Guidance to Child Discipline, Development and The Right Habits

Parenting Modern Kids: Guidance to Child Discipline, Development and The Right Habits
: David Adams
: 55
: Non Fiction : General
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Are you tired of the endless attempts to tear your child away from the Internet, gadgets or video games? Are you afraid that social media will make a bad guy/girl from your little baby?

Parenting is a wonderful journey, especially today, when children are surrounded by gadgets, the internet, video games, social networks, etc.

This applies whether you’re parenting toddlers, preschoolers, elementary students, or teens, or whether you’re parenting boys or girls. 

To help your child along his or her journey to adulthood, you should know the basic principals and requirements for parenting in today’s world. In this parenting guidance, you will discover the keys to understanding: 

  •  modern discipline;
  •  child development;
  •  forming the right habits;
  •  the influence of parents;
  •  establishing value in the child’s life.

You will learn how to turn seemingly dangerous hobbies, like the internet or social media addiction, into useful tools for developing your child’s personality.

Against the background of the general trends that one encounters when bringing up a child, you will find real-life examples that help you understand the modern process of parenting.

Let's look a glimpse of what you'll receive in this Guidance 


Chapter 1: The Modern Kid

Chapter 2: Communication with a Modern Child

  Choose discipline over punishment 

  Acknowledge their emotions

  Using approaching statements

  Kind words are essential 

  Acceptance is key

Chapter 3: Forming the Right Habits for Your Kids with The Use of Technology

  Screen Time

  Internet Access

  Mobile Devices

  Video Games 

  Your Kids and Social Media

Chapter 4: Self-development for a Modern Kid

Chapter 5: Modern Children and Religion

Final Words  

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