City of Dark

City of Dark
: Claire Dickinson
: 521
: Fiction : Mystery
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The Paris catacombs. The city’s subterranean shadow. Hundreds of kilometers of underground tunnels. A land of history and legend, where the underground explorer treads a fine line between reality and irreality. Below the City of Light, this is the City of Dark. As the top inspector on the counter-terror squad, Khalid Sadiqi thought he knew everything there was to know about the city's weak spots. Twenty years on the counter-terrorism brigade have hardened him. But even he is rattled when he arrives at Val de Grace military hospital and discovers that not only has the Prime Minister been assassinated, but the catacombs were used by the killer to break into the secure facility. As if that weren’t enough, the killer has left behind puzzling messages making the attack feel like a warped game of cat-and-mouse. The link to the catacombs soon crystallizes: a cataphile (catacomb aficionado) has been badly injured and two high schools have been infected with anthrax. Despite his experience in counter-terror, Sadiqi is unprepared for an investigation that centers on the catacombs so he seeks out a specialist to enlighten him on the world below the city. Antonia Corrigan, a vibrant foreign engineering student turns out to be an invaluable source of information. Not only does she have intricate knowledge of the layout of the underground tunnels, she also knows all the myths and legends that will provide deeper insight into the case. Together they will explore the tunnels below ground in order to stop further mayhem above.

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