Ninety Days to the God Habit: Breaking the Cycle of Mediocre Christianity

Ninety Days to the God Habit: Breaking the Cycle of Mediocre Christianity
: J. Traveler Pelton
: 263
: Non Fiction : General
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Has your spiritual life hit a ditch? Instead of peace and prayer in the morning, do you find yourself dashing out the door, apologizing to God for being in a rush, feeling regret as you charge off to the meet your day? Is there a glass ceiling over your prayers, worse, have you felt He isn't listening anymore, and you know it's probably your own fault? Do you feel as if you're drifting, like flotsam in the river, instead of riding the flood of God's strength; is your worship life down to what happens at church, fed to you by others, predigested and ground like baby food, better than nothing but not very filling, giving you no lasting joy? What's the excuse you give yourself to cover the guilt you feel over leaving Him waiting for you? When the chaos of life become all too encompassing, leaving you feeling battered, helpless and exhausted, there is hope. It's time to break the destructive routine and get a new one going that works. This book helps you understand how to climb out of the rut of mediocrity, how to start a habit of living in the Presence of God, and it gives you a path, clear, simple and scientifically proven, to a triumphant relationship with God. Recover your faith, renew your love, revive your soul. Isn't it time you fell in love all over again?

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