Write It Right: Tips For Authors

Write It Right: Tips For Authors
: Mary Deal
: Creativia
: 624
: Non Fiction : General
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Written and compiled by award-winning novelist Mary Deal, Write it Right - Tips for Authors is a major source of information for breathing life into your prose. Learn how to polish your writing with tips and examples, and make your prose leap off the page.

Writing your opus, you may have encountered myriad questions about imperfect areas that you stumble across in the composition. The thoroughly explained tips offered in Write it Right - Tips for Authors clarify these worrisome issues, instead of simply taking a chance they’ll be acceptable.

These thorough and often humorous tips were written in response to author queries for articles that explain various problematic aspects, including:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Narration
  • Character development and dialogue
  • Preparing your manuscript for submission
  • Your public image

If your writing hasn't been perfectly smooth, you’ll find answers to your questions in Write it Right - Tips for Authors.

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