Claimed: The Land of Schism Book One

Claimed: The Land of Schism Book One
: Nicole Adamz
: Inkblot Publishing LLC
: 353
: Fiction : General
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"The walls shrunk as I realized the lies I would have to tell..." An epic fantasy. A twisted tale of friendship. Lies, secrets, and magic!

“This book totally captured me within the first few sentences! As pages turned into chapters, my heart raced along with the characters, and I was unable to put the book down...An instant favorite!” –Goodreads Review

Betrayal begins with a choice…


No one in this city looks me in the eye for long; my bi-colored eyes are considered hideous. That’s fine by me. All I want is to prevent Zora from being sold at an auction, so I can purchase her freedom. After a botched magical awakening leaves me with an unknown Talent, I draw more attention than I want. Not good. This city hunts people like me. Maewyn is the only friend I have amid high-society prejudice and dangerous foes, but trusting her might be my biggest mistake.


I’m revered for my rare Talent and ability to Weave fog into corporeal stories. Everyone in high-society wants me to entertain at their Revue. I have fame, wealth, and beauty. There’s only one problem: my parents. They hate being Merchant Class. My parent’s solution? Me. Cooperation isn't optional, and I've gone along with their plans until now. When my twisted former mentor appears, I’ll do anything to turn the tables and gain my freedom. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I’m desperate.

In a city full of winged people, Ari and Maewyn have chosen different gods. They'll have to survive the twisted games being played around them if they want to achieve their goals, but neither is prepared for the fate that awaits them. Lies and secrets have a way of unraveling, and betrayal is just the beginning.

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