Betrayal: Obama's Corrupt Legacy of Lies, Deceit, Guns and Murder

Betrayal: Obama's Corrupt Legacy of Lies, Deceit, Guns and Murder
: Larry Gaydos, Andre Howard
: BCG Publishing
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: Non Fiction : General
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Riveting Revelations and Analysis About Obama’s Eight Year Scandal – Fast and Furious

Obama Provided the Mexican drug cartels with thousands of assault weapons that have killed hundreds of United States and Mexican citizens!


Legal Analysis of the Crimes and Obstruction of Justice by Top Obama Administration Officials

Eric Holder and the Obama Administration obstructed the Congressional oversight investigations for six years. Holder was the first Cabinet Official in history to be held in civil and criminal contempt of the United States Congress. There were no consequences! Obama refused to appoint a special counsel and disciplined none of the perpetrators of these crimes.


Personal Accounts by One Patriotic Gun Store Owner Victimized by DOJ and ATF
Andre Howard was intimidated, lied to and deceived by the FBI and ATF to get him to cooperate in an Obama scheme that betrayed Mexico, the thousands of patriots who loyally serve in the FBI and ATF every day, and the American people.


Insights into the Post Obama Deep State Attacks on The Rule of Law and the Election of the President of the United States
Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Eric Holder, Bruce Orr, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, and dozens of top Obama Officials had their fingerprints on the disgraceful obstruction of Congress, the continuing refusal to provide Fast and Furious documents to the American public, and the future murders of innocent people with Fast and Furious weapons.
Roadmap to Understanding the Current Attempts to Breakdown American Democracy

Americans want, demand, and deserve:
•Adherence to the Rule of Law
•Equal Justice Under the Law
•Transparency into our Government
•Accountability of Government Officials
•Honesty in Politics
•Political Representation that Protects the Security of American Citizens
•Leaders That Uphold the Constitution

The eight years of Fast and Furious and the Obstruction of Congress by the Obama administration not only failed to provide any of these, they undermined these principles and left a LEGACY OF BETRAYAL

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