Unfinished Business 2

Unfinished Business 2
: Lacrecia Hillis
: 23
: Fiction : General
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Asha is tired of her mom being controlled, her mom canít do anything. She had a job her mom her boyfriend said she was needed home. Nothing was done unless he approved it. Her mom had no life. Life was wearing on her mom. Her wasnít the only one being controlled. Then there is this neighbor she likes.
She is to messed up for anybody to like her. She thinks. Her father does something to Asha that is unforgivable. Read how Asha deals with a broken home and self doubt
About Author

Iam Married July 7, 2018. I have three beautiful children.My birthday is September 20. I had a stroke May 2017 during surgery. Since stroke I canít walk yet, write legible, or do simple things without struggle. So I know about loss. I love puzzles and games.

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