Good Writing is Like Good Sex: Sort of Sexy Thoughts on Writing

Good Writing is Like Good Sex: Sort of Sexy Thoughts on Writing
: C. S. Johnson
: C. S. Johnson
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: Non Fiction : General
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What makes a book sexy?

I’m not talking about erotica, per say, but what is the difference between a book you eagerly devour and a book you slum your way through? 

While there are individual exceptions, the most objective difference between a good story and a downright terrible one is simple—it all comes down to the writing.

It’s either good writing, and we can forgive the technical flaws a little more easily, or it’s bad writing, and bad writing is just bad.

Good writing is more than just good writing. 
Good writing is sexy.

If you’re a fiction writer looking to improve your writing skills, this is the perfect, provocative read to encourage you to get down to business and write your story. 

Inside Good Writing is Like Good Sex, you will find:

•A titillating perspective on the writing process 
•The secret to why your story is special, and how you can make it sexier
•Tips on romancing your readers
•How to write irresistible characters 
•Basic writing and story concepts with advanced insights

… and all in a non-gratuitous fashion with a lot of innuendos. 

C. S. JOHNSON is the award-winning, genre-hopping author of several novels, including young adult sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as the Starlight Chronicles series, the Once Upon a Princess saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. She has written articles for The Rebelution, MTL Magazine, Hollywood in Toto, StudioJake, and more. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family.


“So, what’s so special about your book?”

It’s still a terrifying question, but the more you see it, the better you can prepare to answer it.

It might be hard for you to realize that your book is special at all, especially if you are a new writer, or you’re one of those people who struggle with self-confidence (I can assure you from personal experience you are in good company). I know exactly how that feels.

But your book will be special, because it’s yours.

It is your words written down on paper, your story written for the world to see, and the book you were born to write.

It’s yours.

This is something that people tend to say about kids, and I like using this analogy here because kids can be the result of good sex, just as my “book babies” are the result of my writing. No one will love my real children the way I do. My kids are unlike everyone else’s children because they are mine. And no one will ever love my husband the way I do, because he is the one I chose and the one who chose me back. Your own love story will be special because it’s yours.

Your book will be special too.

But, let’s face it, “special” has its limits, especially when it comes to the competitive writing market.

Your unique outlook should be what tips the balance in your favor, and you do yourself a lot of favors if your tipping point doesn’t have a lot of unattractive baggage dragging it down. This means you need to take care to make your book be its best.



"An absolutely brilliant, cheeky, and fun guide to writing better. Great for anyone tired of bland writing guides." ~ Liliyana, Book Review

"Chock-full of useful writing advice, written by a woman who clearly knows what she’s talking about." ~ Jessica, Author and Book Reviewer

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