The Bikini Prophecy: A travel memoir about love, loss, laughter ... and an unexpected date with fate.

The Bikini Prophecy: A travel memoir about love, loss, laughter ... and an unexpected date with fate.
: Matt Kyler
: 418
: Non Fiction : General
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“This book may be the undiscovered gem of this summer. Brutally honest, funny, heartbreaking and gave me the greatest sense of wanderlust. I can’t recommend it enough.”—

The Bikini Prophecy is a hilarious and, at times, confronting travel memoir that is part romantic comedy, part tragedy, and all heart.


Matt Kyler is about to go backpacking through India.

Not by choice.

India holds no interest for this first-time adventurer - not the food, not the color, not the people, not even the spiritualism.

He’s going there because of a fortune teller’s prophecy: a bizarre prediction of love that has a bikini as it’s core motif.

It sounds nuts.

Which is fine, since Kyler’s recent life has been anything but sane and normal. In the space of a year he has abandoned his longterm lover for a shot at fame and fortune, scored a dream job as a TV Writer, moved cities, fallen in love with a co-worker … then self-imploded and lost his mind.

From where Kyler stands, the future can only look brighter.

But India is about to complicate his life a whole lot more than he could ever possibly imagine.


Fans of humorous travelogues and heartfelt memoirs will enjoy this one-of-a-kind story of spiritual awakening and personal transformation. A must-read for readers who are curious about how and where to find true love and happiness.

Praise for The Bikini Prophecy:

"... brings laughter, sadness, wonder and, at times, discomfort.”— Review

"This book affected me profoundly. Matt pours his heart and mind onto the page and exposes himself completely and for that reason alone, this is a compelling read." Review

Please note: This edition is the complete, standalone 400+ page book, not the 130-page sampler. It contains swearing and blasphemy. This memoir is available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers and is suitable for Book Club recommendations.

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