The Adventures of Lanny and Coe: The Face in the Ice

The Adventures of Lanny and Coe: The Face in the Ice
: Corry Compton
: Eleven 29 Media
: 180
: Kids : 9-12
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A deadly sledding hill and a missing little girl!

Lanny and Coe, two young brothers, have been told repeatedly not to go anywhere near the deadly hill by their house, let alone sled down it. But when they wake up to a foot of snow on the ground and the snow day they had hoped for, the forbidden hill is all Lanny can think about. After wrecking their sled deep in the woods, losing the family heirloom in the process, and summoning the courage to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night, the two brothers make a horrifying discovery deep in the dark snowy woods: a face frozen in the ice!

They realize that something terrible has happened, but their collective conscience wont allow them to just sneak back inside and forget what they saw.

Now, in order to save the little girl, they must do the most terrifying thing of all: wake their parents up and tell them everything. When they do, they realize that the situation is more dangerous than they could have possibly imagined.

THE FACE IN THE ICE is the first book in a stand-alone middle grade series called THE ADVENTURES OF LANNY AND COE. It features two young brothers whos natural curiosity and taste for adventure get them into dangerous situations in which they must learn important life lessons in order to solve spine-tingling, chill inducing mysteries.

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