1-800-IRELAND: A Sweet Contemporary Romance Novella (Flipping For You Book 3)

1-800-IRELAND: A Sweet Contemporary Romance Novella (Flipping For You Book 3)
: Josie Riviera
: 154
: Fiction : Romance
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A strong minded Irishwoman pursuing her dream. A disillusioned businessman ready to retire. Can two determined people separated by years find true love at the end of a rainbow?

Prepare for romance and fun with the third book in the home-flipping series brought to you by USA Today bestselling author Josie Riviera.

Irishwoman Kathleen Kelly wants to renovate her new teahouse in America to a sparkling shine, enticing droves of customers to Roses, NC. But the project quickly takes a turn for the worse when her hard work falls flat.

Rob Taylor knows a thing or two about running a business. He’s built Rob’s Marvelous Muffins into a thriving business.

With Rob in Miami and Kathleen in Roses, a May-December romance isn’t part of Kathleen’s carefully laid-out plans. Besides, they’ve both admitted to each other how unlucky they are in love. Better to leave romance out of the picture and stick to friendship and hard work.

However, Kathleen has no choice but to face what she is most afraid of … commitment.

And it will take more than hot tea and marvelous muffins to bridge the gap between them.

From USA TODAY bestselling author Josie Riviera comes a heartwarming sweet romance about Irish grit, with a good deal of decorating and old-fashioned renovation thrown in.

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