Natural Morning; A Devotional for Lent: (Or other times of spiritual emphasis)

Natural Morning; A Devotional for Lent: (Or other times of spiritual emphasis)
: J. Traveler Pelton
: 111
: Non Fiction : General
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Lent is a time of rededication, of learning and giving ourselves more fully to the God who created us, saved us from ourselves, and continues to care for us every moment of our lives. This small book of daily devotionals will help you to keep your mind centered on Him each day and whether or not you give up something for Lent, be it desserts, smoking or whatever, the small stories will make you think, sometimes smile, sometimes tear up, but always, always point you back to the Savior whose life was given for us. If it isn't Lent when this book comes into your hands, it is still a good resource for a period of daily devotion; it takes 28 days to get a habit well integrated into your mind, and to worship Him daily for over a month will make it a good habit, not easily laid aside, that will bring you closer to Him and help you find the peace inside that His love brings in its wake. God bless you on your journey.J Traveler Pelton is a wife, mother, grandmother, a clinically licensed Independent Social Worker with supervisory status, has a private mental health practice and fluctuates between writing Christian fiction and non-fiction. She lives on a mini farm with her husband Dan, 6 alpaca, a flock of chickens, 3 Pomeranians, 4 Siamese cats, an Amazon parrot and 22 canaries. She and her husband have a small house church in which they serve their community as they find needs.

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