Comfort's Embrace (Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters Series Book 1)

Comfort's Embrace (Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters Series Book 1)
: Brenda Clemmons, Katie Wyatt
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 93
: Fiction : Romance
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Nash must learn to risk his heart again, while Comfort must learn to trust again. Together, the two of them must rely on each other when a near-tragedy puts them both to the test.

Nash Cartwright has had enough of death and dying. A military veteran who has survived three combat deployments, he’s riddled with guilt and grief that he survived and his buddies didn’t. Trying to start over, he opens a new business venture, Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters, a family affair just outside of Cody, Wyoming.

Nash gets more than he bargained for when he meets beautiful Comfort Connelly, a young woman who arrives at his counter dealing with her own sorrows. He doesn’t need this, Nash thinks. He has his own problems. Unfortunately for him, he’s scheduled to take Comfort on an overnight horseback ride into the mountains; a ride that transforms both of them and forces them to deal with their emotions and with the immediate connection between them.

 Can Nash continue to hide his PTSD not only from his family but from himself?

Will Comfort finally emerge from her self-induced retreat from life?

Together, can they both face their losses and trust that God will see them through?

Read COMFORT EMBRACE, the first book in CARTWRIGHT WILDERNESS OUTFITTERS a brand new clean and wholesome contemporary western romance series By best selling authors Brenda Clemmons with Katie Wyatt

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Brenda Clemmons and Katie Wyatt ’s Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Western Romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

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