The Punishment sent by the Sea: Paranormal Thriller Novel (Readings in Penumbra Series Book 1)

The Punishment sent by the Sea: Paranormal Thriller Novel (Readings in Penumbra Series Book 1)
: Luke Martin
: 42
: Fiction : Mystery
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Memories live longer than men, much longer.
And revenge is one of the most persistent memories. It is deeply rooted in the human soul, so much so that it can sometimes come to challenge the centuries.
A petty injustice must be punished.
An unforgivable wrong must be repaid.
A torn life must be sewn with the shreds of another life. Of many other lives.
It does not matter how long it will take.
The revenge of a man robbed of his whole existence will be inexorably accomplished; only in this way will he accept his own death.
And the sea will witness all this.


Luke Martin was born in Capua, an ancient and historic city in the south of Italy, on July 26th, 1979. Graduated cum laude in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, he continued his studies to obtain the qualification for Art History teaching. He is also interested in art criticism and cultural tourism. Since his youth his free time has been filled with novels, comics, movies and videogames that favored adventure. For a long time he practiced - both as a Master and as a player - the Role Play Games. All that evokes atmospheres of a medieval and epic past, created by men of valor and capable of heroic deeds, and permeated by the imaginative and fantastic aura of magic, has in fact always attracted its youthful interest. Hence the birth of the “Lama della Lacrime” Saga, the author's debut novel, now in its third volume (La Nascita di Aythu), that will be soon translated.
But among his current interests appear also the passionate study and readings of the works by Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Glen Cooper, which gave birth to him the passion for another genre: the mystery, paranormal and thriller literature.
The "Readings in Penumbra" series comes right from this passion; history, mystery, fear, darkness, different realities and alternative knowledge are the fundament of the series, made of short stories and novels that will constitute this prolific collection.

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