Don't Resign: A Woman's Right In A Man's World

Don't Resign: A Woman's Right In A Man's World
: Natresha Dawson
: 256
: Non Fiction : General
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From a Christian perspective, the author takes her readers behind the closed doors of the Federal Government and defy myths, “women are troublemakers, elevator screamers, and falsely accuses men.” She demonstrates to her readers that no matter how bad the experience, God will make it work together for the good, teaching to trust and lean on Him as our Source, strengthen from within, giving hinds’ feet to progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble. In this poignant and empowering read, the author proves to her readers that the gift of forgiveness is true and to replaces unforgiveness with compassion to see everyone through Jesus’ eyes. Readers will see the necessity of taking God at His Word to successfully navigate pitfalls and walking in love and spiritual armor where offenses slides off like water off a duck’s back. In a world where injustice seems to be the norm, she uses her own experience and give self-help tips to walk her readers on a journey of dealing with sexual harassment, women inequality, racism, malicious smear campaigns, and injustice God’s way. After an at least twelve-year ensnaring of fighting for she and her child’s life, by the grace and mercy of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the author emerges victoriously as a triumphant overcomer.

After flipping through the pages of Ms. Dawson’s book, I had to put down the Michelle Obama book…” — Mrs. McKie. "Don’t Resign is a poignant, moving read that made me feel a lot of host of different emotions..." __ Redheaded Book Lover

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