Days of Miracle and Wonder: 25 of the Most Incredible Sporting Victories

Days of Miracle and Wonder: 25 of the Most Incredible Sporting Victories
: Dave Tomlinson
: 178
: Non Fiction : General
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If you want to learn more about the most unbelievable sports stories, then keep reading…

As a sports fan, you love the thrill of victory and understand the agony of defeat. The glorious unpredictability and human drama of competition are the fundamental allures that keep you excited for the next game. As a match ebbs and flows, it can be a wild ride. In the heat of competition there are no regrets about the past or angst about the future. Life is now.

As a player, coach or fan, you know that at crucial moments, the most difficult questions can be posed. Some teams and players implode under this pressure while the true champions dig deep for an answer. Nothing captures our imagination more than a contest suddenly coming alive when the result appears a foregone conclusion. This is sport psychology in practice and has created some of the great sports stories of our time.

These are the headlines you may know but the stories you don’t. In this book you will discover the incredible sporting victories that were achieved against all odds. You’ll delight in the most brilliant comebacks and feel the anguish of the most dreadful chokes. It’s a journey that will confirm your belief that sporting chapters are not written on the bare facts of score lines. The glory of sport is in the contest itself.

Days of Miracle and Wonder includes the extraordinary stories of:

    ✪ Barcelona scoring three goals in final nine minutes to beat Paris in a UEFA Champions League quarterfinal
    ✪ The Wimbledon ladies final that resulted in the heart-rending images of Jana Novotna crying on the court
    ✪ Reggie Miller scoring an improbable eight points in nine frantic seconds to win an NBA basketball semi-final
    ✪ England’s famous Ashes test cricket victory over Australia despite the bookmaker odds of 500-1
    ✪ Greg Norman blowing a six-shot lead on the final day to lose the US Golf Masters to Nick Faldo
    ✪ Buffalo Bills recovering from a 32-point deficit to beat the Houston Oilers in a match forever remembered as ‘The Comeback’

And many more! There are a total of 15 different sports in the 25 chapters so there is guaranteed to be something for every fan. This is one of the best sports books of 2019 and a great addition to your collection.

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