Vineyard Vengeance (Raff Rafferty Mystery Series Book 8)

Vineyard Vengeance (Raff Rafferty Mystery Series Book 8)
: Robert Joseph
: 217
: Fiction : Mystery
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WINE, WOMEN AND .....MURDER Vintner Patricio "Pat" Vega appeals to cop-turned-Catholic priest Raff Rafferty for help when his vineyard is threatened with destruction by a blackmailer. The threat is followed by a series of mysterious deaths of individuals close to Pat and his winery which are ruled 'accidental' by authorities. Raff, however, believes that they are cleverly disguised murders and a vicious killer is loose in California's wine country. VINEYARD VENGEANCE is a tense, taut thriller crammed with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing from the first exciting page to its breath-taking surprise ending.

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