An Hour Behind in Torre Punto

An Hour Behind in Torre Punto
: Jack Chantegril
: Salamanca Press
: 319
: Fiction : General
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A glue sniffing neo-Nazi crashes into love and political enlightenment in a Spanish enclave in Cornwall.

In a post-Brexit attempt to resolve the Gibraltar Question, Torpoint - the small Cornish town that sits on the banks of the Tamar opposite Plymouth - has been ceded to Spain. Torpoint is now Torre Punto. Charity shops, amusement arcades and boarded-up pubs have been replaced by cafeterías, patatas bravas and the smell of black tobacco. Not everyone appreciates the change. The Tamar Defence League, the South West’s leading far-right organisation, fights tirelessly to reclaim the lost British territory and to make life as unpleasant as possible for the many Spanish workers who every day take the ferry across the river to clean the floors and toilets of Plymouth. David Burt, is one of the TDL’s rising stars, an obergruppenführer in the making, until his certainties are transformed by Pilar – the inconveniently attractive Spanish woman who works as a cleaner in the Aldi’s on Albert Road, and by Jesús - the Marxist, guitar playing leader of Torre Punto’s revolutionary Frente Popular.

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