Where Are They Now: A gripping serial killer thriller (The Siya Rajput Mysteries Book 1)

Where Are They Now: A gripping serial killer thriller (The Siya Rajput Mysteries Book 1)
: UD Yasha
: 304
: Fiction : Mystery
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Former criminal defence lawyer Siya Rajput must confront her dark past to catch two serial killers and find her mother who has been missing for sixteen years.

Three years back, Siya made a grave mistake. That left a young girl battling for her life. Devastated, Siya quit practising law.

Now, there is a staggering new development in Siya's mother's disappearance. A clue found at a killer’s crime scene proves she is still alive. The killer has also left a special message for Siya, challenging her to take part in a chilling game.

In her most dangerous and personal case yet, Siya has to go to the darkest corners of her mind, communicate with a psychopathic serial murderer in jail and be prepared to be wrong about everything she knows to be real in her life.

Siya is sure of only two things. First, the killer will strike again and again. And second, if she fails this time, she will lose her mother forever.

A spine-tingling mystery that will keep you up at night. Fans of John Sandford, Jeffery Deaver, Karin Slaughter, Michael Connelly and Lisa Gardner should say hello to Siya Rajput

Praise for Where Are They Now:

“Gripping enough to make me check my loft!!” – Amazon.in customer

“A gripping book with well researched nuances that a murder mystery should have to make it real.” – Amazon.in customer

“One of the best up and coming writers in India. If the rest of the series is as enthralling as the first, I see a long and successful series ahead.” – Amazon.in customer

“It's "un-putdown able" and I can't wait to read what Siya Rajput does next!” – Amazon.in customer

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