Harlequins (An Ominous Book series, book 7)

Harlequins (An Ominous Book series, book 7)
: Nancy Foster
: 413
: Fiction : General
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Lord Spaulding has a daughter that nobody knew about. Froylan eventually discovers a secret love letter Spaulding wrote to a woman he had a brief encounter with 94 years ago, and attempts to locate the mysterious woman to no avail. After having a terrifying nightmare, Spaulding decides to confide the truth to his most trusted aide Lord Damantin who manages to locate two siblings in a remote cabin in a faraway nation. At first sight they seem human, but Froylan becomes suspicious when he recognizes Hama's unusual name from Spaulding's love letter.

When Spaulding writes an edict that grants the death penalty to the entire guard if Hama and her brother Ruddy are brought to the kingdom against their will, Froylan comissions Spaulding's arch-nemesis Lord Gerasha with the mission to convince Hama to set foot in the kingdom at all costs.

Meanwhile, a new enemy of the kingdom named Gulraj who posesses sorcery that makes him nearly immortal has set his eyes on Hama and wants her for himself. Filled with action, comedy and a trip of discovery, Hama must find the way to come to peace with her elf heritage, and accept her new position as the heiress to the throne before Gulraj destroys the Elf Kingdom.

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