Empath: Discover your Soul’s Light within the Akashic Records: Master Your Life with Raised Vibrations

Empath: Discover your Soul’s Light within the Akashic Records: Master Your Life with Raised Vibrations
: Frank Knoll
: TWK-Publisihing
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: Non Fiction : General
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FREE ebook on how to manifest anything in your life. Also, a FREE bonus challenge within.

Empath: Discover your Soul’s Light within the Akashic Records

Master Your Life with Raised Vibrations

Are you interested in how you can increase the joy and happiness in your life? Are you looking for a way to change your life from within? Are you wondering why your mind continues to change as you meet new people. In this book, it will provide all that and more…

Empath Discovery is the awareness and the understanding of what an Empath is. Learn how to enhance your life, develop your abilities and your intuition as an Empath.

Aim to discover your hidden potential within that you have at all times. These abilities are hidden and with this book, you will learn and be able to move forward to strengthen these abilities to achieve an amazing life.

Here is what you will get with this book.

  • Common traits of an Empath

  • Surviving emotional vampires.

  • Understanding an Empath and discovering yourself.

  • Shielding and clearing your energy.

  • Empath's have rare and special gift. They are unique, intuitive, creative and most of all, they have the ability to feel what others feel. They are also highly psychic. They can communicate with nature and animals and receive information from various objects. Many of them can sense the past, present and future states of the environment and the people in it. However, in exchange for these remarkable traits, many Empath's suffer from too much negativity and find it difficult to cope with their empathic abilities.

  • Plus a FREE bonus challenge

Why should you be interested in this book?

This guide also coincides with a consistent meditation practice when combined can benefit the practitioner.

Experience a new and higher way to live life to it's fullest daily.

This book isn't teaching dogma or telling you something is good or bad but it is a practical guide to help use the forces you can't see to improve your life.

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