Opening Salvo: Outlaw Fleet Saga Book 1

Opening Salvo: Outlaw Fleet Saga Book 1
: R. A. Griffith
: 236
: Fiction : SciFi
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Terror on the outer perimeter…

A combat-hardened veteran, Captain John Hartmann has seen his fair share of death and destruction. But with the long war over, all that was supposed to be in the past. So, why does he now find himself racing against time to save the colonists on the outer perimeter from a new and unseen threat?

The destruction of Aramis 7 was just the beginning. Now, remote colonies are going dark from one side of the galaxy to the next. Someone or something is attacking them, and it’s up to the ESS Trafalgar to find out who and put a stop to it.

As the body count rises, Captain Hartmann is forced to wonder what will happen if his investigations lead to a conclusion no one wants to hear. What if this isn’t the resumption of hostilities with the Halroks that everyone assumes? What if the real threat now comes from within?

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