The Land of Ick and Eck: Harlot's Encounters

The Land of Ick and Eck: Harlot's Encounters
: Micah Genest
: Mortar and Pestle Publishing
: 0
: Kids : General
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A much too trusting Harlot finds herself in the preyful Land of Ick and Eck, a place where she encounters peculiar creatures that have the most awful intensions of the carnal sort. By happenstance, she finds the company of a Ground Faerie, a Wood and Water Nymph, and a Butter-Maiden to assist her (sort of) along the way.

But Alas! How the outlandish figures are quite the handful, ranging from the likes of Spriggans, the-man-with-a-can-for-a-head, Jaw Skins, to Alter-Fops, a knight of courtly love, and a Nigwig (to name a few). Thankfully, there are moments of repose, such as those with the band of eunuchs with sacs on their heads, the beautiful Milk-Maidens, and the adventures within the Faerie Ring.

Though the bombardments continue to pursue her, Harlot’s innocent temperament, irrational faith, and devotion to feeding her curiosity provokes her forward, and thus her true strengths are revealed within the Land of Ick and Eck.

An author’s note: The following three volumes of The Land of Ick and Eck are meant to capture the fleeting, innocent imaginations of the little people, and the turning of head bones, or double hearing, of the larger folk. Harlot’sencounters are as they may seem, and not, depending on the spectacles chosen. This is indeed an orthodox expurgated glance upon the following happenings.

When a scream is heard, wait... for silence is our assurance of tolerability.

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