Aftermath: A tale of a family's survival

Aftermath: A tale of a family's survival
: T.A. Walters
: 103
: Fiction : SciFi
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The future in the Aftermath of an EMP

Not all times could be this bad, but for the Sawyer family, having each other was a luxury.

Winston Sawyer was a mechanic; he was also a bow hunter,
fisherman, and farmer. That was before the EMP over a year ago.

Now he’s a full-time farmer, hunter, and fisherman.

Married, Winston lives on a ten-acre plot of high ground in the
Everglades near the small community of Hartley. He lives in his two-bedroom shack with his wife and two children and owns a shed and a smoker grill, a push plow and an old tractor that runs like a top. He grows all the crops he needs, and his wife cans the rest.

Desperate men from the cities eventually travel to outlying towns looking to take anything they can. Winston doesn’t understand that.

Winston is mostly Seminole Indian and can trap game and set up trotlines for catfish and small gator. As a bow hunter, he moves silently through the forest and bulrushes hunting deer and hog only seldom using any of the many firearms he owns. By today’s standards, he is a wealthy man.

Until the day he came home from a three-day journey to find his wife and daughter missing. He sets out to bring them home, and with him, he takes his son, and Rustler, a three-year-old Rottweiler

whose favorite bone is inside your leg.

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