Small Town Christmas Wish (Small Town Romance Book 7)

Small Town Christmas Wish (Small Town Romance Book 7)
: Stephanie Queen
: 91
: Fiction : Romance
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What happens when your Christmas wish can only come true if the person you love doesn't get theirs?

Betsy Carter was happy living in a small town. Almost. She had only one wish.
Elijah Walker couldn't wait to get on with his life. He had big plans set in motion to accomplish his life's dream.

If Betsy could lay her late fiancee Jimmy's body to rest--and if she could find a new sous chef for her restaurant before Christmas--then all would be well. Right?
Elijah Walker needed to do one last thing to keep his promise to his best friend Jimmy, then he would start fresh and accomplish everything he'd dreamed of. Right?

Neither the sensual smiling Betsy, nor the charismatic hunky Elijah could have predicted how their wishes and dreams would collide when they came together to bury Jimmy's remains.
Would the collision turn their wishes to dust, or would it whirl them together in a Christmas miracle and make them wish for things they'd never dreamed of?

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