The Mixing Mindset: The Step-By-Step Formula For Creating Professional Rock Mixes From Your Home Studio

The Mixing Mindset: The Step-By-Step Formula For Creating Professional Rock Mixes From Your Home Studio
: Mike Indovina
: 83
: Kids : Non Fiction
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Tired of second-guessing yourself while mixing?

Mixing doesn't have to be hard. You just need the right process to follow so that you can be confident in your decisions. This e-book contains the step-by-step formula for creating professional rock mixes (even from your home studio)

Most home studio engineers don't have a process to follow as they mix. As a result, they find themselves feeling unsure of where to begin, how to process individual tracks, make them all work together, and know exactly when to stop. This causes serious extreme frustration since it can be both time consuming and often results in weak, lifeless mixes. That's where this book comes in handy. 

This step-by-step guide will help you:

  • Create balanced, polished mixes
  • Master tools like EQ, compression, effects and more
  • Develop a workflow to make the art of mixing easy
  • Discover the key frequency ranges you need to always pay attention to
  • Mix faster and feel more confident with your decisions

If you’re looking to create mixes that sound professional, polished and huge, this book has the answers you need.


Mike Indovina’s book, “The Mixing Mindset,” is the beginners’ mixing instruction manual we’ve been missing. This book is loaded with great information that so many other mixing instructors never mention. It of course goes into detail on all the technical aspects of mixing, giving examples of good EQ and compression moves for all kinds of situations, but it also largely focuses on the creative decision-making and problem-solving skills needed to construct a great mix. This is the key thing that so many other mixing tip sources fail to touch on. Most of the material you can find elsewhere on the subject will just throw suggestions at you without actually hearing where it’s being applied, and beginners will take that as a kind of cure-all solution for any situation; when in actuality the tip likely won’t work in their case. Mike makes a point of letting you know that you need to actually use your ears and evaluate your own mix to diagnose what exactly the problems are. He makes sure that you’re aware that there is no cure all, while still giving you all the tools you need to be capable of finding the solution to your unique mixing problems. “The Mixing Mindset” is going to change the way people learn mixing, and will likely lead to young engineers improving significantly more quickly than they ever have before.

- Zack P.

About The Author:

Mike Indovina is a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer who has worked with hundreds of artists throughout his career. He has been fortunate to work alongside many major artists (including KISS and Collective Soul) and labels such as Universal, Sony, Republic, Roadrunner, and more.

He runs where he helped teach thousands of aspiring studio engineers to create pro-level mixes from home.

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