Dragonfriend Treasury - The Complete Dragonfriend Series

Dragonfriend Treasury - The Complete Dragonfriend Series
: Marc Secchia
: 2236
: Fiction : General
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Crack open a 4-book treasury of rip-roaring adventure and epic dragon battles!

A world of Humans and Dragons lies above the clouds, torn by politics and riven by rivalries. When Hualiama, a young royal ward, pits her skills against the usurper Ra'aba, she is callously cut down and tossed off his Dragonship for her trouble. Marooned miles down a cliff on an island sacred to the Dragons, a most unlikely paw intervenes to save Hualiama's life.

With the dragonet Flicker's help, Hualiama embarks on a quest to avenge her family and overthrow Ra'aba, traitor and pretender to the Onyx Throne. Yet the secrets she unearths and the extraordinary friendships she forges with Humans, Dragons and dragonets alike, will change her world forever.

A girl who dared to befriend the mighty Dragons. A friendship forged in fire, that paid the ultimate price. Soaring landscapes. Deep dragon lore. Shattered taboos. Pulse-pounding battles. The first Dragon Rider. This is the legend of Hualiama Dragonfriend, the girl who dared to fly.

>>A glittering dragon's treasury awaits!

Sink your fangs into this richly written series of four volumes bristling with mighty dragons, which spans the complete and unabridged Dragonfriend saga:
1. Dragonfriend
2. Dragonlove
3. Dragonsoul
4. Dragonstar

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