Land Without Shame: A Cody Musket Jr. Thriller

Land Without Shame: A Cody Musket Jr. Thriller
: James Nathaniel MILLER II
: 187
: Fiction : Mystery
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When The Traffickers Hijacked His Plane, They Overplayed Their Hand

>>>A Young Covert Operative Caught Between His Desire For Vengeance and His Higher Calling

Cody Musket Jr., son of the famous baseball player, has assumed a leadership roll in his parents’ continuing battle against child trafficking. His SEAL survival training has revealed his strengths and taught him his limitations. Yet, he struggles with his identity: Is he an avenger or an evangelist?

>>>A Famous Film Star Who Has Everything She Desires, Except What Matters

Diamond Casper is an Oscar-winning actress whose career has blossomed after appearing nude in a blockbuster film. But her beauty has not brought her peace or love. No one likes her. She doesn’t even love herself.

>>>After Discovering A Mining Operation Built On Underage Slave Laborers, This Unlikely Duo Will Risk It All To Save Them

Diamond and Cody are cast together after their commuter flight has been hijacked. It crashes near an uncharted Caribbean island which they soon discover is a gold mine sitting under a volcano. The mine uses homeless underaged laborers.

When the volcano begins to erupt, they must team up to free the children and escape the island. A thriller, a moving love story, and a tale of honor and redemption.

>>>Land Without Shame is the latest inspirational thriller from bestselling author James Miller! You won’t want to put it down!

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