To H-1B or Not To Be: Debate continues....

To H-1B or Not To Be: Debate continues....
: Hitesh Dev
: Devout Inc.
: 145
: Fiction : Romance
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The story of a young boy who goes to the ‘land of opportunities’ and gets subjugated to
the H-1B exploitation by Indian American employers. Although it is a light hearted fiction it covers the
current issues like H-1B debate, immigration for US Government and also covers topics such as brain
drain and youth unemployment for Indian Government. It is a must read for kids who are planning to
go to United States for education or job. It would open their eyes to the real picture of exploitation,
Man-eat man World and the price they have to pay to leave their family and loved ones. Amit is a good
person whose only goal was to get a job and help out his parents with their financial issues, however
he gets entangled into this web of visas, Indian companies, Green Card etc. It has all the ingredients of
an entertainer………

“Is this the right way to treat highly skilled professionals from India? What an eye – opener” – Anonymous.

“A light hearted fiction which makes you think” – Fellow Author.

“Writing style relates to Youth and Adult” – Anonymous.

“A perfect coming of age story, quite relatable to a lot of students”- Fellow Author.

Author Profile:
Hitesh Dev is a technology geek who likes to write fiction and non-fiction. Over the span of his career, Hitesh has worked with organizations such as Deloitte, DoD, USAID, FDA, NIH, Gartner U.S Department of Labor and USPS to name a few. Hitesh Dev is an active blogger on LinkedIn, GW Magazine and has been a Deloitte Faculty in the past

* Winner in Competition Success Review Essay contest on Quit India movement.
* Regular writer for Free Press India as a teenager.
* Restaurant critic for an Independent blog
* Webmaster for GWU School of Engineering and Applied Science (2000-2002)
* Founder of Masala Country (Dev Group LLC), Devout Inc. and CMIT Solutions of Reston

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