The Focus Stone (The Tome of Law Book 1)

The Focus Stone (The Tome of Law Book 1)
: Matthew W. Harrill
: Creativia
: 455
: Fiction : General
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The life of a traveler was all Zya S'Vedai had ever known.

People often told Zya she was special, but she never knew why, suspecting only that the visions in her dreams would one day become clear. Her simple life changes when a series of events forces her to leave her family - and face her destiny head on.

Elsewhere, three guildsmen are dismissed from the coveted Order of Law. Thrown out into the world with nothing but their wits and the guidance of an elderly benefactor, they decide to find out what was really behind the notorious Night of Spears twenty years ago.

 As Zya travels across The Nine Duchies, new friends and old enemies all seek to tip the balance of power in their favour. What connects Zya's destiny and the guildsmen, despite them being worlds apart? 

And why are they all in the sights of the maniacal Garias Gibden - the Witch Finder - and his minions?

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