Love Like Fire (Hearts in Hendricks Book 2)

Love Like Fire (Hearts in Hendricks Book 2)
: D.E. Malone
: Dawn Malone
: 238
: Fiction : Romance
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One Spark Can Ignite an Inferno
Despite her ace matchmaking skills--four weddings to date!--Bethany Marconi and relationships don't mix. With trust issues and a long list of ex-boyfriends, she's an expert at dousing the spark of love before it catches fire. There's little risk of rejection teaching yoga and looking after her grandmother who lives right next door.
When freelance writer Nate Ransom returns to his hometown to settle his grandmother's estate, his rekindled feelings for Bethany take him by surprise. Nate remembers all too well how the charismatic spitfire of a girl ignored him in middle school before his family moved away. But Nate's far from that boy now and more determined than ever to win Bethany's heart if she'll give him the chance.
After a family crisis pulls Bethany away from Nate, their relationship seems to be headed for the back burner. Will Nate turn into Bethany's newest ex-boyfriend, or will her self-imposed dating rules finally go up in flames?

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