New Christmas Dreams (Christmas Romance in Willow Spring Series Book 2)

New Christmas Dreams (Christmas Romance in Willow Spring Series Book 2)
: Brenda Clemmons
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 76
: Fiction : Romance
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Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Western Romance story.

Detective Ryan Duchenne has a somewhat jaded view of Christmas. He’s grown cynical over the years. He’s lost faith that there’s still good people out there in the world, that all is not lost with humanity. One day, several weeks before Christmas, he meets a homeless woman on the streets of Winter Creek. He’s not sure what she’s up to, but he’s convinced that she’s bothering business owners, begging for handouts. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Melly Ann Woods is a woman searching for her missing daughter and has sacrificed just about everything she has left in her pursuit. It’s not until Detective Duchenne confronts her and learns her story that she finally experiences hope that she hasn’t felt in years.

Can Ryan’s cynical heart, jaded from years seeing the worst of humanity, be softened toward others and God, especially now, at Christmas?

 Will the pain of Melly Ann’s past prevent her from accepting Ryan’s help?

 Together, can the two of them succeed in finding Melly Ann’s long-lost missing daughter?

Christmas Dreams is a story of hope and sacrifice, of frustration and longing. Winter Creek is the place where two people come together in a united front to fulfill a mother’s journey and to save a cynical man’s faith in humanity.   

Christmas Romance In Willow Springs Series
Book 1: New Christmas Gift Bells
Book 2: New Christmas Dreams
Book 3: New Christmas Blessings
Book 4: New Christmas Gift

…“These are stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense, and true love.”...

Brenda Clemmons’s Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Western Romance series is enjoyable for all ages.


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