Descent (Thirteenth Legion Series Book 5)

Descent (Thirteenth Legion Series Book 5)
: Eric Gardner
: 279
: Fiction : General
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The messengers told her Hell was real and they would take her there. She never believed them.

Now standing on its broken and blood-stained landscape, Othia can’t ignore the truth.

The Legion grows while the nightmares in the darkness continue to hunt them. Gabriel and his fledgling collection of saints know the inevitable slaughter of war awaits them all. Training, equipping, and history lessons aren’t enough; they need something more if humanity is to survive. Gabriel sends his most trusted friend Othia to the cursed plane to see the enemy firsthand. Acting as the Thirteenth Disciple, she must search the planes of Hell with her guide, the angelic General Semyaza. Only heaven knows if she can survive long enough to accomplish her mission and bring back vital intelligence on the enemy before it’s too late.

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