Socialism Exposed: Which Door Will You Choose?

Socialism Exposed: Which Door Will You Choose?
: William W. Figley, Patrick Croke
: 85
: Non Fiction : General
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SOCIALISM EXPOSED pulls back the curtain so you can see this political philosophy for what it is, and where it has been taking our once great nation.

We clearly see the devastating effects of socialism on other countries, such as Venezuela, and yet the push by the left for this failed system of government is trumpeted ever louder and stronger.

Far from a boring history manual, the explosive information laid out in this book will clarify for you how to protect your individual freedoms, enjoy the best opportunities for success and prosperity, and compelling reasons to fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for you, your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.

Here's Just a Partial Glimpse of What You'll Discover in SOCIALISM EXPOSED:
* The Hallmarks of Socialism
* How Socialism Affects You and Your Family
* The Wolf in Democracy's Clothing
* The 9 Traits of a Socialist
* A Millennial View of Socialism
* Here's Hope! How to Eliminate Socialism in Your Lifetime

We have a glaring choice - we must either choose socialism or government by the people, which is the bedrock upon which this nation was founded.

Featuring authors from the Greatest Generation (age 92) and the Millennial Generation, you can be confident you won't look at socialism in quite the same way again once you read this book.

We are living in one of the most exciting, yet critical times in American history.
Don't miss your opportunity to learn, and then speak out and vote and make a difference!

Don't miss this book!

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