Parenting A Business: If You Can Raise A Child You Can Run A Business

Parenting A Business: If You Can Raise A Child You Can Run A Business
: Jeremy Cortez
: 154
: Non Fiction : General
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How would you like to have your “parenting skills” translate into untapped talents of entrepreneurship? Hardly an oxymoron! It works, and I have firsthand experience creating multiple businesses and income streams all while spending time raising my two boys.

Parenting a Business is a guide to help parents navigate the intimidating arena of building a business. This book parallels the striking similarities between parenting and business, showing how your endless days and sleepless nights as a parent provide you the edge to becoming successful in business. Simplification is key to a dual lifestyle, so I make it very easy to create a business from a place of purpose and passion in a relatable way. You will learn:

-How your children have the ultimate formula for figuring out what business to create
-How your diaper bag unlocks the secret to business scalability
-How your kids have groomed you to be masters of marketing and selling
-How parenting has developed a crucial skill to achieving business success

With this book, you will discover your business qualifications, developed as a parent, and dive into the realm of entrepreneurship.

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