MONETALIA: The Guide to Achieve Financial Success (1)

MONETALIA: The Guide to Achieve Financial Success (1)
: George Page
: 47
: Non Fiction : Business
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This is a self-improvement, psychological book with the goal to improve your current financial situation. The book’s title ‘Monetalia’ comes from the Latin term for money ‘moneta’.

Monetalia is divided into two parts – a psychological and a practical part. The author’s goal behind this is to give the reader two perspectives. The first part, the psychological, discusses the details about the power of the mind on your current financial situation. However, the author believes that psychological advice without practical advice is completely useless. That’s why the second part talks about useful practices you can incorporate into your everyday life.

The first part is divided into 3 important chapters. These chapters want you to understand the power that your mind has in your everyday life. This is pure psychological advice. The chapters are the following:

  • The Power That the Thoughts Have on Financial Success
  • The Power Desire Has on Financial Success
  • The Principle of Persistence

The second, practical part talks about ways that you can actually improve your finance. More precisely, how to manifest money, how to improve income and minimize spending. These chapters are:

  • A Practical Step by Step Guide to Manifest Money Successfully
  • The Best Ways to Improve Your Finance
  • The Four Deadly Sins of Your Personal Finance

The book ends with a special ‘bonus chapter’ called:

  • Things That Millionaires Won’t Tell You but Will Agree Definitely On.
    The Way Rich People Think

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