Willoughby's Time & Space App (Willoughbys Book 1)

Willoughby's Time & Space App (Willoughbys Book 1)
: Jon Koons
: Mindbender Press
: 179
: Fiction : General
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Two Human Teens. One Intergalactic Resort. An Alien Pageant Under Attack. Time to Party!

When a shopping trip to the mall goes from weird to WTF?, high school students Brad and Stephanie find themselves transported to the oddest and most wonderful place in the universe. Or some universe at least. It’s like Club Med, but more like Club Mashup, filled with a cadre of strange and unusual aliens.

With memberships to the only Intergalactic, Pan-Dimensional, Crosstime Resort in the cosmos, our heroes must foil a plot by dastardly villains bent on its conquest. What can two human teens do about it? Throw a party, of course! Along with the very first Intergalactic Beauty (?) Pageant.

Can they get contestants from countless cockeyed worlds to join their pageant, best the baddies, and save the planet?

Willoughby’s Time & Space App is the first exciting book in a series of over-the-top YA sci-fi novels. If you’re into daring teens, incredible alien worlds, and intergalactic escapades, you’ll love Jon Koons’ hilarious tale.

Buy Willoughby’s Time & Space App and embark on this wacky, out-of-this-world adventure today!

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