Canal Dweller: Part of the Dweller Series

Canal Dweller: Part of the Dweller Series
: Matthew Samm
: 110
: Fiction : General
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Love terrifying monsters? There are few more terrifying than this!

A silent, unknown killer stalking Manchester's underbelly!

”His eyes met mine. We stared at each other. They were screaming as well. They begged for help. They begged for another day on earth, a day he would never get.’

David has a disease. He was born with it and when he tried to tell his parents about it, they shunned him. In desperate search of peace, he sits by the city’s black artery; the canal. He’s done this many times.

But when he sees a man viciously murdered, David becomes entwined in a secret that’s been killing for years. In the midst of terror, David begins to find himself. Will he survive? And what will be the cost?

Written with Matthew Samm’s trademark pace, ”�Canal Dweller’ offers thrills and terror, sure to leave readers cowering; then smiling.

Read the book that reached #5 in 'teen and young adult horror' within the first 24 hours.

Read on...if you dare!

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