Vivaldi's Girls

Vivaldi's Girls
: D.P. Rosano
: Creativia
: 158
: Fiction : General
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Antonio Vivaldi's music has mesmerized audiences for three hundred years.

A more less known story than his musical genius was the impressive figure that he was in Venetian society; the young, red-haired prodigy could make women swoon with the sweeping grandeur of his violin performances - especially after he traded in his priest's robes for the dashing attire of a celebrity.

Through the words of his lifelong friend, Domenico Trapensi, Vivaldi's Girls tells the mesmerizing story of Vivaldi's time as a music teacher at Venice's Conservatorio, of those who fell for more than just his violin lessons, and of his romancing of other girls on the road to the Italian cities in his time.

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ - "This was a beautiful read from start to finish, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Author Rosano has clearly done considerable research into the life and times of the infamous Antonio Vivaldi, but the thing that most impressed me was the description and attention to detail with which the story is told. There's so much life, colour, flavor and excitement in the tale. The choice of narrator also enables the story to come to life more like a novel."

★★★★★ - "Told with a flair for the arts and the flourishes of Italy, Vivaldi's Girls may share a new dimension of the master, but in D.P.'s eloquent writing the fullness of his life - both in the passion for music and for women - we are still in awe of this superb Baroque composer. Kudos!"

★★★★★ - "I found this story to be a fun read with a great storyline and a rich history of this time frame. Good read for anyone who is a fan of historical times and great music or a love for old Italy."

★★★★★ - "Every scene describing Italy is vivid... every word drew emotion and painted for me a picture of the man Domenico knew as Antonio Vivaldi."

★★★★★ - "It is very easy to get caught up in the roles of each of the characters as Rosano spins the tale of love, betrayal, and revenge. I love the way Rosano pours his soul into the pages of Vivaldi's Girls, making the reader get lost in the feel of Italy with the music, the orchestra, and of course the impressive boat docks."

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