The Pimp's Henchman (Grindhouse Pulp Series Book 1)

The Pimp's Henchman (Grindhouse Pulp Series Book 1)
: Andrew Allan
: Swamp Hassle Books
: 64
: Fiction : Mystery
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Butch the Henchman—ex-military, ninja-trained, mob-refined muscle ready to break legs, faces, and bodies on command. And with a turf war going on, Slide the pimp has him enforcing overtime. So, forget Sally.

That hooker keeps mouthing off, shorting the take, and bragging she’s got a fortune squirreled away. And, she’s still tricking for Slide? Please. That’s crazy trouble. So, why’s Butch intrigued? And, how much will that cost him? Distractions can be deadly in the criminal underground…where savages lurk, sin is religion, and the wrong move could flip Butch from trusted henchman to dead traitor faster than a jack shack romp.

The Pimp’s Henchman is an entertaining blast of hard-boiled crime, pulp thrills, and grindhouse movie mayhem. Download your copy now.

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