Dead Sea (Richard Mariner Series Book 26)

Dead Sea (Richard Mariner Series Book 26)
: Peter Tonkin
: Sharpe Books
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: Fiction : General
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"Mariner's 26th escapade, written with crisp authority, abounds in Tonkin's trademark nautical action sequences. And the premise is his freshest and most viscerally appealing in years”- Kirkus Reviews.

An ambitious ecological experiment plunges Richard and Robin Mariner into deadly waters . . . 

Heritage Mariner and Greenbaum International have financed an ecological experiment to prove how swiftly rubbish can foul the oceans by dropping and tracking a plastic bottle into a Tokyo river. 

The bottle is filled with lottery tickets for extra publicity – one of which could be worth $55 million. Robin Mariner and Nic Greenbaum’s only child, Libby, will race each other across the Pacific to see who can reach the bottle first, but when it is discovered that it contains the winning ticket the experiment suddenly becomes part of a much deadlier game . . .

Praise for Peter Tonkin 

After The Ides

“The Ides is a testosterone-fuelled battle roar in a world of double-dealing and betrayal, where wits must be sharp and recovery time between violent encounters is brief. Peter Tonkin has infused a familiar narrative with excitement, energy and a delicious twist right at the very end.” — Mystery People 

”Riveting tale full of fast action” – Publishers Weekly 

”Edge-of-the-seat terror” – Daily Post 

”Good technical detail, plus an exciting climax, makes this entertaining reading” – Publishing News 

Hell Gate

“A welcome aura of old-fashioned expertise” - Publishers Weekly

“A good thriller, recommended” - Library Journal 

“Tonkin is a superb storyteller who creates big, brash, swashbuckling adventures with taut suspense, fast-paced action and tough, resourceful characters.” -Booklist


”Equals the best of James Clavell” – Daily Telegraph

“A master of sea-going adventure. Enough taut suspense to satisfy any reader” - Clive Cussler

”Good technical detail, plus an exciting climax, makes this entertaining reading” - Publishing News

”Edge-of-the-seat terror on the high seas” - Daily Post

Peter Tonkin was born in 1950 in Ulster, Northern Ireland and was raised in the UK, Holland, Germany, and the Persian Gulf. The son of an RAF officer, Tonkin spent much of his youth travelling the world from one posting to another. He has written over thirty novels including the Richard Mariner Series. 

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